Mochaland is a lean purpose driven company created to incorporate past experience with current realities to achieve customer objectives.
The management and staff of Mochaland have been working in the coffee industry at different managerial and technical levels for over forty years and do possess the requisite educational qualification. Work experience and excellent product knowledge to understand and deliver products as per customer need.
Mochaland is established with a sole intent to meet or exceed customer expectations. We want Mochaland to be the company of choice for our customers by delivering consistent and reliable quality.   

  • The world recognizes that Ethiopia is the origin of Arabica Coffee and we at Mochaland aspire to deliver high quality Ethiopian Specialty Coffee
  • To attain our objective, Mochaland will continue to develop unique product offerings by purchasing processing and delivering the finest qualities of Ethiopian coffees  
  • Our strategy will focus on establishing and integrating the best quality concepts and principles and thereby achieve becoming a customer focused company concentrating on customer needs and value.
  • As an Ethiopian company our image and the image of our employees are greatly enhanced when we give back to the community in response to what they have given us. Accordingly we will continuously support charity institutions such as Ethiopian National Association of the Deaf and the Association of the Old  


Ethiopia is the world's seventh largest producer of coffee, and Africa's top producer, with 260,000 metric tonnes in 2006. Half of the coffee is consumed by Ethiopians, and the country leads the continent in domestic consumption. The major markets for Ethiopian coffee are the EU (about half of exports), East Asia (about a quarter) and North America.The total area used for coffee cultivation is estimated to be about 4,000 km2 (1,500 sq mi), the size is unknown due to the fragmented nature of the coffee farms. The way of production has not changed much, with nearly all work, cultivating and drying, still done by hand.
The revenues from coffee exports account for 10% of the annual government revenue, because of the large share the industry is given very high priority, but there are conscious efforts by the government to reduce the coffee industry's share of the GDP by increasing the manufacturing sector.
The Coffee and Tea Authority, part of the federal government, handles anything related to coffee and tea, such as fixing the price at which the washing stations buy coffee from the farmers. This is a legacy from a nationalization scheme set in action by the previous regime that turned over all the washing stations to farmers cooperatives. The domestic market is heavily regulated through licenses, with the goal of avoiding market concentration

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We are located Around Gotera, 30 mts beside Wengelawit Building in Third floor of Yayherad Building






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